Sultan Meerschaum Pipes has been in business since 1978. The company was established by Sadun Parlar, a native of Eskisehir, Turkey, the home of meerschaum. The largest reserves of meerschaum are found in the surrounding areas of the town of Eskisehir and the business of mining and carving this substance has become the biggest business in the region.

 Having grown up in this environment, Mr. Parlar has been exposed to the “ins and outs” of meerschaum from early on in his life. Being an avid pipe smoker himself, he quickly developed an appreciation for good quality block meerschaum. As meerschaum is mined and processed in all different kinds of qualities, Mr. Parlar has distinguished himself in making sure that Sultan Meerschaum Pipes only carries pipes of the highest quality in materials and best craftsmanship.

 Over the years of the company’s activities, a broad customer base has been developed. The company’s manufacturing workshops are in Eskisehir and a retail shop in Turkey’s capital city of Ankara has been one of the many outlets for the company’s merchandise. Through a sales agreement with the US Navy many American soldiers have come to appreciate the great quality of a Sultan meerschaum pipe, as they visit various Turkish ports on their tours. The merchandise of the company has found many satisfied customers throughout all of Europe and an ever-increasing base of satisfied customers is quickly developing in the United States.

 Much could be said about the company’s activities and achievements, but to truly understand the beauty and quality of the pipes for which Sultan Meerschaum Pipes is known, one must be the owner of one.

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