Meerschaum, contrary to popular belief, is not the fossilized remains of sea creatures, but a mineral: Hydrous Magnesium Silicate. It is found from 30 to 450 feet below the surface of the earth near the town of Eskisehir, Turkiye.

Meerschaum's magnesium content provides strength while the hydrogen and oxygen contribute porosity. As one of nature's lightest and most porous substances, Meerschaum is a natural filter. This natural absorbency causes the pipe to slowly change color, eventually turning a rich brown. Thus, in addition to providing you with a cool, flavorful smoke, your SULTAN MEERSCHAUM PIPE will provide you with the esthetic pleasure of watching it color as it matures into a well-seasoned lifetime smoking companion.

After being mined, the stone is kept moist until it is carved by master craftsmen into the standard smooth shape finish, a minor masterpiece of geometric design. Other designs such as a sultan's head, an eagle's claw, an historic figure, other classic or original models can be carved and added to your collection. The pipe bowl is then immersed in a solution of molten beeswax, which when absorbed seals the meerschaum, provides it with an ivory-like gloss, and contributes to the eventual coloring process. Your SULTAN MEERSHAUM PIPE is then fitted with a custom-made amberoid stem and hand polished by dedicated artisans. The finest specimens are protected by custom fitted cases designed to protect these rare and valuable products of the pipe maker's art.

Unlike briar, meerschaum does not burn. Hence, there is no need for your pipe to build up a carbon cake before it will provide you with smoking pleasure. While your SULTAN MEERSCHAUM PIPE requires no real "breaking-in" period, it will smoke cool and more mellow over the years. Although not as fragile as it appears, meerschaum will scratch and care should be taken not to drop it.
To clean your pipe, removing the stem is not necessary. A pipe cleaner inserted through the stem into the bowl is sufficient. However, should you choose to remove the stem do so by pulling and twisting it clockwise. To replace the stem, push it in and twist in a clockwise direction again. Occasional polishing with a soft cloth will add to the beauty of your SULTAN MEERSCHAUM PIPE.

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