Not all meerschaum pipes are made from block meerschaum. A block meerschaum pipe is carved from the chunks of natural raw meerschaum as it is mined from the ground. The material is a mineral called Hydrous Magnesium Silicate and is very light and porous in nature. It is ideally suited as raw material for a pipe with its propensity to absorb oils and nicotine from the tobacco as the pipe is being smoked.

Much to our dismay, there is also an imitation meerschaum or synthetic meerschaum that is used by some manufacturers to produce pipes. This material is not the natural chunk of mineral from the ground but consists of waste material, leftover shavings from carving a piece of block meerschaum. These shavings are ground into a fine powder that gets mixed with a glue compound, which then is compressed into a totally new substance. Though it resembles meerschaum in its appearance, it has none of its natural propensities and qualities. It is a solid substance that even though it may be light, has no absorbency whatsoever. A pipe made from synthetic meerschaum is not able to absorb oils and nicotine from the tobacco and will not achieve the natural coloring for which a block meerschaum pipe is renowned. In addition, the heat from smoking the pipe will often cause the synthetic meerschaum to crack and break.

As synthetic meerschaum is made from cheap waste materials many inexpensive pipes can be found on the market. To assure your satisfaction we encourage you to ensure that you only purchase pipes made from block meerschaum. Your product may prove to be a bit more expensive but it will ensure your proper enjoyment and smoking pleasure.

Our company takes great pride in making all its pipes from 100% block meerschaum so that you, our customer, can get the utmost enjoyment from your meerschaum pipe.

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